Effective nutrition communication and information from a trusted source can ensure your team enhancing their long term nutrition strategy to improve consistent energy levels to tackle any task, performance (in the office or on the field), and improved team moral. 

Long gone are unrealistic or too vague nutrition recommendations! My nutrition workshops are developed specific to the needs of your team.  

can help...

Working alongside a sports dietitian 

Individualized, the team sports nutrition intervention that ranges from team talks, menu reviews, travel/training camp support, and modified 1:1 nutrition service. The goal is to provide professional nutrition education on a group-scale to enhance performance through nutrition and build life-long athletes. 

✔ Group/team talks
✔ Menu reviews & recommendations
✔ Travel support
✔ 1:1 nutrition service
✔ Accommodation and education around dietary restrictions
✔ Develop team fueling strategies

What it's like to have a nutrition workshop for your team?

An athletics or sports team (youth, collegiate, recreation/club, professional)

Athletes are experiencing an increase rate of injury, fatigue, or inconsistent performance. 

Wanting provide nutrition education from a credible source to ensure your athletes are maximizing their potential.

Unsure how to best prepare for travel nutrition, game-day nutrition, or accommodate certain dietary needs/restrictions. 

This is for you if you are:

Together we will put together a plan, I will send you the proposal and invoice.


Please reach out using the form below with what type of team nutrition support you are looking for. 


Team talks start at $300/hour (depending on travel and chosen talk), but is inclusive of all content development, Q&A, and any residual follow-up questions. Further customized team offerings based on team/school needs and budgeting. Fill out contact form to inquire more.

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RD will develop nutrition deliverables on agreed upon date.

Nutrition Support

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Meet Your Dietitan

I'm a performance dietitian, coach, runner, powerlifter, wife, and PhD candidate. I have a passion for helping people find a balance with nutrition for their sport and life. For the last 8 years, I have dedicated my education and career working through the confusing mess that is nutrition today.

I aim to put my clients first by applying a scientific, yet realist approach to nutrition. I have worked across several sports including rugby, D1 football, NFL football, military personnelle, D1 soccer, cross country, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! As a dietitian, we receive training on how to accommodate a wide-variety of dietary restrictions. 

Do you help with dietary restrictions?

Yes! I customize my work based on who I am working with. So we would be able to scale nutrition education and support based on the needs and level of the team.

Do you work with youth sports?

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Schedule a complimentary 15-min consultation call to see if team nutrition supports works for your team. 

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