How to Work Out from Home

Featured, Fitness • March 22, 2021

Whether by choice or due to circumstance, working out at home may provide some challenges.

Personally I am not a fan of working out from home.

However, there are key steps you can take to set yourself up for success.

1)     Find a space! Working out at home may sound easy but there if there is no divide between home life and “time to work out” then it will be more difficult to start the workout.

2)     Schedule your workout! Just like you scheduled time to go to the gym or your hair appointment, the same rule applies here. If you schedule the day and time you are more likely to workout than if simply thought about working out today.

3)     Lay out your workout clothes. First this takes out the step of having to choose what to wear and second it is a reminder for you to get your workout done!

4)     Follow a program. Know what to do every time you go to work out will prevent you from having to hunt down the most recent fitspo workout (psst… need a workout program, I can help)

Not only can working out at home be challenging but increasing the difficulty of the workout can be as well. Most of us in the gym tend to increase weights, but you probably don’t have a full set of weights at home. Also, there are only so many repetitions of an exercise you can do!

To make a workout more challenging:

1)     Add tempo – slowing down the movements force you to focus on the tension throughout your entire body, specifically those at work.

2)     Reduce rest periods. Rest periods allow you to recover, but you can challenge your ability to recover by reducing your rest periods. Supersets are a great way to do this!

3)     Increase range of motion. TENSION! Increasing tension (that stretch you feel during an exercise) is where you can see the most growth. Elevate your heels on a squat or push up from a deficit, you have the ability to make some gains.

I am not guaranteeing these tips will motivate you every day and ensure your workouts are perfect, but they certainly will help you continue to progress as you work out from home and have limited equipment.

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