10 Things to look for in a nutrition coach

Uncategorized • August 22, 2021

Finding a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist can be overwhelming. Especially, if you have never worked with a coach in general before.

I have had my fair share of not-so-great coaches myself and know the importance of doing research and some investigation when it comes to finding a coach that works well for what you need. This is also important for the coach or dietitian. You know yourself best, and if something doesn’t quite fit with what you need then it is a waste of both of your time.

When it comes to looking for a dietition or nutrition coach here are 10 things to look out for:

1. Credentials. What is their education, and qualifications to coach you? Typically you can figure this out by looking at their LinkedIn, profile, or verifying their license through the state. Familiarize yourself between the difference of a dietitian and nutritionist.

2. Coaching method. Do you want education or just be told what to do? For me, I want to know the why behind a nutrition strategy. For me this builds trust. Other may not care.

3. Personality. Personally I don’t want someone to refer to me as “boss babe” or “hey girl”. So I probably wouldn’t vibe well with a coach that did the same. This doesn’t mean we have to like the same movies, but out personalities should compliment one another.

4. Delivery method. Video calls, in person, or via phone?

5. Experience. How long have they been doing this? As a new dietitian, I understand that my lack of experience may prevent someone from working with me and that is okay. Typically more experienced dieitians cost more.

6. Accoutability. Do you need someone with compassion or tell you how it is?

7. Is it a course, group offer, or 1:1 coaching?

8. Support. How often do you need to be in touch with your coach? Do you need that daily accountability or weekly check ins.

9. Community. Do you need a buddy throughout the process? or maybe a Facebook group? Or are you a solo type of person.

10. Trust. Listen to your gut. Do you trust this person or question them?

When you reach out to work with someone, hop on a phone call and essentially give them an interview so that you know what works best.

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